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OwlStellox is a new brand in the market of spare parts for cars and trucks, based on exclusive professional experience and knowledge of the automotive market.

Key dates and events:

2005 - the year of foundation of the brand. The first product group in range under Stellox brand is a glow plug.

2006 - a successful experience with glow plugs and positive customer feedback showed the promise of the chosen path. The range already includes 15 product groups, and 3,300 articles in the passenger car program. According to the annual results, it was found that the level of factory defects in Stellox products is lower than in the domestic market brands.

2007 - Stellox range went up to 40 product groups and exceeds 7,000 articles in the passenger car program. Customized catalogues were designed for convenience of work with Stellox products. Stellox catalogues are created on the basis of the best samples of the industry, making them convenient, informative and descriptive. For example, suspension parts catalogue contains a visual representation of the element with details.

In the same year we started to actively develop a line of spare parts for trucks.

2008 – we expanded Stellox range to nearly 100 product groups with the total number of products more than 15,000 pieces of spare parts for cars and trucks.

2009 - Stellox range was expanded to approximately 170 product groups. The total number of articles was about 20,000 units.

2010 – further work continues to expand the product range and market share of Stellox. As of the third quarter of 2010, the number of articles in the truck program was about 7250 articles in 300 product groups. There are about 21,650 articles in 105 product groups in the passenger car program.

2012 - We are moving forward. We study the market needs and take into account the opinions of our customers. The number of Stellox articles in truck and passenger car programs totals 23372 articles in 88 product groups for passenger car program and in 236 product groups for truck program.

The same year the main range of Stellox spare parts became available in TecDoc catalogues.

2013 - Stellox received the official status of TecDoc Certified Data Supplier.

We develop our success together with our partners working with Stellox, including those with special affiliate programs.

Stellox is a dynamic range development, high quality and best price.