On the market, the Stellox brand is represented by TEXCO FZE.

TEXCO FZE manufactures and distibutes automotive components worldwide. The company’s headquarter is located in the UAE, and its distribution warehouses are located in the EU, Eastern Europe, Central Asia.

Stellox auto parts are represented in more than 30 countries.

The Stellox product range covers the main components and assembly units of passenger cars and commercial vehicles and allows finding spare parts to keep a vehicle in good working order in almost any situation.

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Stellox spare parts are manufactured in 12 countries around the world
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Best IAM manufacturing sites with the latest manufacturing equipment
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Certified to ISO 9001, TS/ISO 16949 manufacturing and ISO 14001 environmental standards
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European homologation to ECE R90 and ECER37 standards
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Stellox parts are manufactured at the same OEM and OES manufacturing facilities as components for leading car manufacturers
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Stellox Quality

The quality of raw materials and semi-finished products is checked at each manufacturing stage
Mandatory finished products testing
Continuous inspections of manufacturing sites and product quality by Stellox engineers and quality inspectors

Stellox warranty

2-years warranty for spare parts designed for passenger cars and 1-year for commercial vehicles products

No mileage limits

Simplified procedure for acceptance and consideration of claims/complaints

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