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The range of Stellox flexible pipesfor cars includes 30 items with the diameter of 45 to 64 mm and the length of 100 to 320 mm.

Flexible elements of Stellox flexible pipes are made of stainless steel of high quality.

The range of flexible pipes covers almost 100% of the car fleet of the most popular brands in Russia and Belarus.

You may find detailed information about Stellox flexible pipes range for cars in the Excel file.


The production site of Stellox flexible pipes covers the area of more than 2,500 sq.m. The production capacity is more than 50,000 flexible pipes per month.

The main sales markets of Stellox flexible pipes production site include Canada, Japan, Korea, UAE, Thailand, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Paraguay.

The factory of Stellox flexible pipes for passenger cars is located in China.

A full production cycle is implemented at the factory and product quality is controlled throughout the production: from suppliers of raw materials to finished products output.

To ensure high quality of products, Stellox flexible pipes are subject to regular tests on the testing equipment.


нержавеющей аустенитной стали марки AISI 201Stellox flexible pipes are made of austenitic stainless steel AISI 201. It is optimally alloyed with chromium, nickel, manganese, copper and nitrogen. The chemical composition provides the austenitic structure, high strength and excellent deformation ability. With the latest manufacturing techniques and a balanced chemical composition, steel AISI 201 has high corrosion resistance and is highly competitive compared to such popular brands as AISI 321, AISI 304 and others when used in organic, acid and other moderately corrosive environment.

Двойное плетениеDouble braiding: outside and inside.
High-tech braiding ensures durability and prevents from leaks.
Increased thickness of steel filaments provides higher durability of Stellox flexible pipes compared to other brands.


ISO 9001The quality of Stellox products is confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate (quality management system requirements).



Высокое качество по выгодным ценамHigh quality of Stellox flexible pipes for cars is now available at best competitive prices possible for customers of Stellox products.



ГарантияQuality warranty
We are confident in the quality of Stellox products.
Therefore, we provide full warranty support under the warranty policy of our distributors.


If you have any questions on the availability and purchase of Stellox flexible pipes for cars, you can contact Stellox distributors in your region.

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