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Stellox cables for trucks

Кабель Stellox для грузовых автомобилейAssortment of cable Stellox for trucks


88-01601-SX / OE 81254116020
5x1.0+2x1.5? TPU/OD=9.0mm 24V N type

88-01619-SX / OE 1485618
5x1.0+2x1.5? TPU/OD=9.0mm S type, 24V

88-01618-SX / OE 21680280
5x1.0+2x1.5? TPU/OD=9.0mm 15pin-2*7pin (N+S)

88-01602-SX / OE 20730341
5x1.0+2x1.5? TPU/OD=9.0mm ABS/EBS 7pin

Кабель Stellox для грузовых автомобилей88-01621-SX / OE 20367454
12x1.0/3x1.5? TPU/OD=13.0mm 15pin - 15pin

ABS Cables

OE 5021170143

OE 908025

OE 1506061


The production site of Stellox cables occupies more than 3 000 m2. Around 60 employees work at the factory and produce more than  6 000 cables per day providing  their smooth delivery. The factory has been cooperating  with the European, American and Asian automobile markets for  over 15 years. The Stellox cables production site is located in China.

Products quality

The Stellox products quality is proved by Certificate ISO 9001 (Requirements to the management system quality) as well as by the Instructions on restriction of harmful substances in plastic goods.  10%  are the laboratory staff  responsible for the quality of Stellox products. Cables quality verification is made at the every stage of production.

Quality assurance

We are confident in the quality of the Stellox products. Therefore we provide a complete warranty support for the Stellox cables pursuant to the warranty policy of our distributors.