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Stellox filters range extension for passenger cars

Currently the range of Stellox filters for passenger cars includes more than 600 items.

Stellox filters range

Воздушный фильтр StelloxA new wider range of Stellox filters is available from 05.10.2015.

The updated range of Stellox filters covers almost the entire passenger cars car park in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus as well as Kazakhstan (for more details about Stellox filters range for passenger cars, please, see the Excel file).


Воздушный фильтр StelloxProduction sites of Stellox filters are based in Turkey and China. Stellox filters have the same quality as the products of the following brand names:

  • Federal Mogul;
  • ACDelco;
  • JP Group;
  • IPC;
  • Champion;
  • Delphi;
  • Kamoka;
  • Hengst;
  • LYNX and others,

since a part of the range of these brands is manufactured at the same factories.

Масляный фильтрProduction sites of Stellox filters supply their products to OEM customers:

  • GM;
  • FIAT;
  • SVW;
  • CHERY;
  • ZOTYE, etc.




Production and storage facilities of Stellox filters manufacturers amount to more than 160 000 square meters.

Annual combined production capacity of filters at the production sites of Stellox filters is more than 80 mln. pcs.

The factories where Stellox filters are produced are characterized by a high degree of automation of their manufacturing processes. Quality control of Проверка фильтров StelloxТестирование фильтров StelloxStellox filters is ensured at every stage of production. Production sites of Stellox filters are equipped with laboratories and testing facilities, where qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Stellox filters are carefully controlled by the specialists, who also ensure introduction and implementation of new developments.


Воздушный фильтр Stellox1. 1.    High-quality paper from the Finnish manufacturer AHLSTROM:

  • Fire and water resistance;
  • A multi-layered nature;
  • High-wearing feature;
  • Delamination resistance;
  • High adhesion properties;
  • Particles up to 150 µm are kept by oil filters;
  • Particles with sizes 3-6 µm are kept by micro fiberglass fuel filters.

2. High quality of Stellox products as well as respect for the environment are guaranteed by the following certificates, obtained by the producers of Stellox filters:

  • ISO 9001 - specifies requirements for a quality management system.
  • VDA 6.1 - requirements to the suppliers of spare parts and components to European automotive manufacturers.
  • ISO/TS 16949 - requirements on quality management systems for the factories engaged in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining of products for the automobile industry.
  • ISO 14001 - specifies basic standards that are followed by a company in order to develop an efficient environmental management system.