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Stellox Leaf Springs

Stellox leaf springThe leaf spring is one of the elastic components of the rigid axle-type suspension of the vehicle. The leaf spring transfers the load from the frame or body to the undercarriage and softens clashes and jolts that occur when driving on a rough surface. The leaf spring may be provided in the construction of both commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

The leaf spring consists of a few metal (steel) sheets (leaves) of the same thickness and width but of different length. They are connected with clamps. The main spring leaf (its thickness exceeds the thickness of the other sheets) is fixed by means of the spring eyes. According to design there are multi-leaf, few-leaf and single-leaf springs.

The range of Stellox leaf springs for trucks has been extended by more than 100 new items. First of all it is the big seven of European trucks: MAN, VOLVO, IVECO, DAF, MERCEDES, RENAULT, SCANIA. Besides,  Stellox range includes springs for such brands as ROR, BPW, SCHMITZ, SAF, and others.
* You can find more detailed information about the range of Stellox leaf springs for trucks in the Excel file.


The factory of Stellox leaf springs is located in Turkey. The production area is one of the three largest ones in Europe.  There are customers of Stellox leaf spring manufacturer from more than 30 countries. 95% of their products are exported, including export to 3 OEM customers:

  • BMC
  • TVH

Stellox springs  production stages:

ScrollingBending the endsSpring eye formation-    Spring eye formation;

-    Bending the ends;

-    Scrolling;

AbatementQuenchingSheets heating-    Sheets heating;

-    Quenching;

-    Abatement;

Colouring the sheetsMounting / testing the spring stiffnessBead-blasting treatmen-    Bead-blasting treatment;

-    Mounting / testing the spring stiffness;

-    Colouring the sheets

The advantages of Stellox springs:

1. The manufacturer of Stellox springs has got the certificate ISO 9001 (requirements for a quality management system of organizations and enterprises), which demonstrates a serious approach to the selection of the production area of Stellox leaf springs.

2. The warranty for Stellox leaf springs is 1 year.

CEMTAS plant3. While producing Stellox springs high-quality steel of the following brands is used: 50CrV4, 51CrMoV4, 55CrV3, SAE 51B60H, SAE 5160H. The use of these types of steel allows to produce Stellox springs with the same qualitative and quantitative attributes as the original products of the world's leading leaf spring manufacturers. Besides, the supplier of steel CEMTAS has got the certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (criteria for the environmental management system), TS 18001 (health care and safety measures), ISO / TS 16949 (requirements for quality management systems of the companies engaged in design, development, production, installation and service of the automotive products), which shows a responsible approach not only to customers but also to their own employees and the environment.