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Fan clutches Stellox

Fan clutch is designed to adjust the flow rate of the air passing through the radiator. At a low temperature, the fan speed is minimal, which allows the engine to warm up faster and at the same time reduces the noise coming from the fan. As temperatures rise the fan speed will also increase.

Thus, the installation of high-quality fan clutch optimizes the engine cooling of your car. Choosing Stellox fan clutches, you will get high quality products at a favorable  price.

The Range*

Fan clutch StelloxFan hub StelloxCooling fan StelloxFan clutch StelloxThe new product range includes:

  • Stellox fan clutches;
  • Stellox cooling fans;
  • Stellox fan hubs.

46 new items have been added to the range for trucks.

First of all, a new offer for Stellox fan clutch covers the group of seven most popular European trucks: DAF, MAN, SCANIA, MERCEDES, IVECO, VOLVO, RENAULT.

*For a detailed description of the range, please,  see the Excel file

Fan clutch StelloxThe advantages of fan clutches Stellox

1. Fan clutches Stellox include:

  • 2 bearings, which ensures long life;
  • 2 seals, which prevents oil leakage;
  • thermostatic protection panel.

2. The manufacturer of Stellox fan clutch have ISO 9001: 2000 certificate (requirements for quality management system), which shows a serious approach to the selection of Stellox products supplier.
3. Stellox fan clutches are packed in branded cardboard boxes.
4. Manufacturer: Turkey.
5. Warranty for Stellox fan clutches is 1 year.