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New in stock: cylinders and cab lifting pumps

Production of cylinders and cab lifting pumpsCab lifting pumpStellox is expanding its stock of cylinders and cab lifting pumps!

Stellox products manufacture is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Manufacture of cylinders and cab lifting pumps StelloxНасос of Stellox. The manufacture includes processing, cold forging, assembly, welding, marking and phosphate coating processes. Products and semimanufactured goods are made of metal sheets, pipes, rods and blades and processed through cold forming lines. Metal sheets, with tapered thickness of 0.5 mm to 12 mm, are processed according to their quality. Cold forging consists of two lines: hydraulic presses (30-650 tons) and eccentric presses (25-400 tons). In addition, line’s processing is a manufacture facility equipped with high-tech machines and tools. quality of cylinders and cab lifting pumpsFor the purpose of precise compliance with client’s requests, our engineers use flexible manufacturing processes.

Stellox cylinders and cab lifting pumps: quality assurance. The quality is crucial in the process of manufacturing vehicle safety components. Therefore, reliability of products is checked during and after the manufacture. Experienced engineers have determined testing parameters based on real working environments of all parts. Our quality control offices check for corrosion, material endurance ratio and stress. They also determine time and place for testing and record the results to ensure full control over the procedure.