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Shock absorbers

You should regularly check your shock absorbers to ensure traffic safety. Mileage of your vehicle is more than 80,000 kilometers, and you have never checked the shock absorbers?

Front of your vehicle " squats" when passing sharp turns?

There are threadbare sites on protectors and your tires wear out too fast?

Do you feel discomfort when driving – the car became less controllable, additional efforts are needed to hold steering wheel when turning?

You began to feel every bump and pothole on the road?

Rod and body of shock absorber is coated with oil?

Are there deep scratches, grooves on the rod?

Your car is behaving uncertainly in all road conditions?

If you have answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, you should immediately check the shock absorbers.

Standard Instructions For Rack Dismantling/Mounting


  1. Dismantle only one rack from the car at the same time.
  2. Place all of the fasteners on one side exactly as in the order of increasing distance, so that you can re-assemble all the parts later in reverse order.
  3. Damaged dust-protective cover should be replaced with a new one.
  4. Compressing the spring, be careful not to damage the piston rod at jerk, since the damage will cause the leakage of oil.
  5. Nuts and bolts of the top mounting should be clamped with the specified torque, as recommended by the car manufacturer.
  6. All other nuts and bolts should be also compressed.
  7. If necessary, remove the air from the main braking system.
  8. Make sure that the expansion tank with brake fluid again is filled to the correct level.


  1. Mark the position of the top plate (1) on a body so as to re-assemble in the same position.
  2. The spiral spring (2) should be compressed by the compressor before the shock absorber strut will be dismantled.
  3. Remove the nuts and bolts (3) and disconnect the shock absorber from the axis of the vehicle.
  4. Unscrew the remaining nuts of the top support and then remove the rack from the car.
  5. After making sure that the spiral spring (2) is compressed, unscrew the main mounting rod nut (5) and finish dismantle.


Check all mounting parts for wear, prepare them in the right order, and check up a complete set.

Pump up the shock absorber.

Assemble the shock-absorbing element in a car in a manner completely opposite to dismantling.

Make sure that the upper support (1) is installed in position according to the marks.

Disclaimer: These instructions are intended as guidelines only. We do not bear the responsibility for any damages that may appear as a result of the use of these recommendations. We recommend that you seek the assistance of automotive repair stations.