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Stellox wheel discs

Stellox wheel discs

The range of Stellox wheel discs for truckscovers demands for the most common European trucks, trailers and semi-trailers in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. This is particularly the case for such trademarks as:

The range available for order is given in the table below:

Stellox No. Size, ''

 The number of
mounting holes

hole, мм
  83-99000-SX 22.5x9.0 10 335 ET175 D281  haulers
2 83-99001-SX 22.5x11.75 10 335 ET120 D281  trailers, disc brake
3 83-99002-SX 22.5x11.75 10 335 ET0 D281 trailers, drum brake

The production site of Stellox wheel discs for trucks is located in China. The main sales markets of the wheel disc plant are: the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, North America.

The quality of Stellox wheel discs is confirmed by the certificates:

Warranty of quality

We are confident in the quality of Stellox wheel discs. Therefore, we provide a one-year warranty with confidence and accept all justified claims regardless of whether there is an official document from car maintenance stations, where the parts have been installed, or not.

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