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The Stellox off-line spare parts catalogue with capability to select both by part number and by vehicle application. Apart from search by OE numbers, numbers of analogs or text search, one can search by a group of numbers in the catalogue which allows to choose all the necessary references just in one search session (up to 200 numbers at a time). Download the setup file .exe 823 Mb. After the downloading just run .exe file to install the catalogue in your computer.

Filters for passenger cars - 13,1 Mb, pdf

Air mass meter - 22,1 Mb, pdf

Wheel Bearing Kit - 6,19 Mb, pdf

Fuel supply and control - 56,6 Mb, pdf

Condensers - 53,5 Mb, pdf

Fan assembly - 31,9 Mb, pdf

Heaters - 16,6 Mb, pdf

Intercoolers - 16,0 Mb, pdf

Cooling system radiator - 103,2 Mb, pdf

Shock absorbers, 5,6 Mb, pdf

Transporter springs, 0,5 Mb, pdf

Water pumps, 8,3 Mb, pdf

Wiper blades, 2,7 Mb, pdf

Cross Reference List 2014, 14.1 Mb pdf

Automotive springs 2014, 5.76 Mb pdf

Brake Calipers, 0.6 Mb pdf

C.V. Joints & Driveshafts, 22 Mb pdf

Gas Springs, 2.2 Mb pdf

Car brake discs & drums, 7.64 Mb pdf

Brake & Clutch cylinders, 13 Mb pdf